PRC Members,

Welcome to our new "Member Only" portal. Once you have logged in you may view your monthly statement and the PRC membership roster.  If this is the first time you have visited this site you will need to create a log in name and password for access.

You will need to enter you membership number, first and last name and your birth date exactly as it appears in our data base. If you have any trouble creating a log in name and password please contact the Service Desk at 805-648-5161 for assistance.


Only members who are properly logged in may view the PRC membership roster.  You can restrict the information that other members see.

If you need to update any of your membership information, please use the Edit My Personal Info tab to input the updated information.  Once reviewed by our staff, it will be changed in our system.


At any time you can view your previous monthly statements as well as your current charges - generally within a day or two after your transactions. By clicking on the item line you will see additional information on your purchase.