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First Time Users:

To create a User Name, click on Member Registration above.  You will need to enter your first & last name, your membership number and your birth date exactly as it appears in our membership records.  If you need help in creating a user name, please contact the Service Desk at 805-648-5161.  If you are having difficulty registering it might be because your name or birth date do not exactly match our membership records (e.g. Bob vs. Robert).  

You will also need to input your membership number in the exact format.  Primary members are generally a 5-digit alpha/numeric such as SMITR.  The secondary member is usually something like SMITR-1 and dependents SMITR-10 and SMITR-20.  If you do not know your exact membership number please contact the Service Desk.

Note: If your 5-digit primary membership number ends in a number rather than a letter, you will need to add two zeros before the number.
e.g.  If your member number is SMIT5, you will need to enter SMIT005 and the primary dependent might be SMIT005-1.

For further information and detailed instructions, please click here.